The Beauty is the mystery – Albert Einstein

In a world where everything is unclothed and nothing is private, mystery and intimacy become sacred.  Society plagues us with a certain paralysis, an inability to say what we really mean and be who we really are. It is only in the hours of silence when the sun has dipped deep below the horizon that escape becomes possible, judgement sleeps and freedom is rescued. It is here in the abyss of night that oppositions are free to blend and fuse in intoxicating unions: innocence and sexuality, desperation and seduction, savageness and ecstasy. This line is dedicated to such metamorphosis, the beauty of private expression and the determination to individualize no matter what the consequence.

Why is it that a woman can make you question your entire being? It may not necessarily be her beauty, intelligence or style, but a certain enigmatic aura that seduces all she encounters. She has that rare ability to make thrown together clothes look stylish, mismatched facial features seem symmetrical and sordid word formations act beguiling. She is the kind of woman who will cause you to start chain-smoking Gauloise cigarettes just because. And that is her secret – just because… this woman lives beyond normal boundaries, free of the limits by which most of us are confined. She does not spend hours worrying about what she said or where she was seen – it is not that she doesn’t care it is just that she doesn’t think about it.

Inspired by unaffected glamour, confident sexiness and devil may care contradiction – I created the o4 collection. This is the world of champagne cocktails and cursory glances – of crumpled white sheets and black eyeliner – of the paradoxes that work to form a beautifully integrated whole.

We cannot know what an artist brings to a creation or from where he/she drew his inspiration. When his work is finished and the trajectory of its meaning completes its curve then we begin to understand about the first riddles, the pools of inspiration that blend and fuse.