About Kalita

KALITA is a luxury fashion brand that encompasses destination, beach, and occasion-wear. The brand was launched in 2015; inspired by the versatility and bohemian luxury of the glamorous light-packing 60’s icons of the south of France and the Mykonian beach girls. Sourcing inspiration, Kalita went to Mykonos carrying a suitcase filled with well-planned, structured outfits, only to see a girl with a t-shirt tied around her head as a turban, a wild flowing dress and beautifully sun kissed skin capturing the attention of the entire beach. That wild, bohemian girl became the soul and spirit of KALITA; effortlessly glamorous and always unexpected.

From beachwear KALITA has seamlessly navigated into the evening and occasion space, with well-constructed key pieces that translate from breezy beach lunches at Club 55 to sunset parties at Scorpios. The core of KALITA is a reflection of the gypset crowd, travelling the world with one suitcase, filled with effortlessly versatile and flowing pieces. Each piece has been carefully crafted to be worn in a number of ways, creating a range of show-stopping silhouettes, designed to be worn time after time.

KALITA’s designs have been on the cover of Vogue Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and featured in Elle, Marie Claire, Porter, Red, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times and have been worn by Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Elle Macpherson, Jameela Jamil and Kylie Jenner to name a few. Currently kalita.co.uk features a range of limited edition web-exclusive pieces.