KALITA is committed to being a part of the 2% of the industry who can say that they know and participate in an honest production process with their partners, ensuring the brand’s ethical practices are treated with respect and compassion.  

KALITA has sustainability at its core. The collections are thoughtful in what each piece can give back to Mother Earth. We use AZO free dyes which are low impact dyes that have higher absorption rates, resulting in the minimalization of grey water run-off and avoid the pollution of natural waterways or local eco systems. We also invest time into researching and using the most ecologically sound fabrics.

Each KALITA piece is housed in its own muslin bag which can be reused to pack the dress instead of wasteful tissue or plastic or can be used for shoes or other sundries. All our swing tags and fabric tags are made from recycled paper or fabric. Our emphasis is on minimal packaging and minimal damage to our Mother planet.We have recently introduced carbon off setting so now all your KALITA deliveries will be carbon neutral.